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As a Utility Services Inspector with the MDC I had numerous opportunities to work with Simmons Paving on water and sewer installations. Often these projects involve excavations within city roadways contending with traffic, OSHA approved shoring methods, and existing utility conflicts. Simmons Paving always adhered to MDC Specifications and construction practices. They regularly demonstrated a strong work ethic and excellent knowledge in pipeline construction. I would highly recommend Simmons Paving to your organization.

Ron Simmons started Simmons Paving over thirty years ago. He honed his paving skills doing residential driveway paving and built a solid reputation for providing quality services at fair prices.


Fast forward thirty years and now Simmons Paving has become one of the busiest paving companies in Northern Connecticut. Road Paving, Driveway Paving, Parking Lot Paving as well as runways, tennis courts, sidewalks and complete paving for entire sub divisions during the construction phase of development. Simmons Paving has the experience to get your job done right.


Simmons Paving also specializes in cement work, excavation and sitework, complete water and sewer services as well as septic system installation, site grading, drainage and much more.


Simmons Paving also offers complete trucking services for hauling during the excavation part of any project. Something that many smaller companies have to hire out. Many clients also choose Simmons Paving for their winter snow removal as they have the heavy equipment needed to perform in the roughest New England winters. Call us today.

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