There are many different facets to excavation and sitework as each project has it's own unique tasks. Some require underground utility work while others need the installation of water and sewer services, catch basins or edge drains. Whatever the project requires, Simmons Paving has the expertise to completely excavate and prepare the site for whatever comes next.


We have all the modern earth moving equipment necessary to get even the biggest project off the drawing board. From new projects to reconstruction, Simmons Paving has the right resources for site balancing and rough cutting, to fine grading and aggregate installation.

Many of our site excavations involve the installation of water and sewer services as well as other underground utilities and wet wells. In addition to land clearing including base work, we also have extensive experience with the installation of CRP Pipe, Detention Basins, Drainage Ponds and Ultra Flow.


Whether it is new home construction or a commercial development, Simmons Paving can provide for new Septic System Installation. If you are in need of a complete septic system replacement due to problems with your current system, we offer removal of older system and replacement with a new On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF).

Simmons Paving specializes in residential and commercial foundations as well as sidewalks, patios, and complete excavation of the site. In addition to foundations, we also can provide grading and installation of retaining walls should the site require one.


From the initial clearing of the lot to the laying of the forms and the pouring of the concrete, we will meet your site specifications every step of the way. Once the foundation is poured, insulated and set, we can provide the flatwork for the foundation floor. We then clear the lot and grade and you're ready for the framing crew.

As an extention of the foundation work that we offer, many job sites require cement work. This can entail the cement footings required for parking lot lighting structures or cement catch basins used for drainage. They can be either precast or cast in place structures. Whatever your job site requires Simmons Paving has the expertise to provide the cement work that is needed.


We also provide cement flatwork for not only foundations and foundation flooring, but also for additions and garages. These can be for either commercial or residential projects.

Another application of the cement work we offer is curbing. We have the ability to offer both cement curbing or bitimunous asphalt curbing depending on your project's needs and budget.


One of the most common curbing applications is during parking lot installation or repair. Many times curbing is provided to protect important utilities or structures that are vital to the client's operations, such as the lighting structures in a parking area. The esthetics of a project such as landscaping or decorative elements often require curbing installation. Call us today to see how we can assist with your project's needs.

As part of Simmons Paving extensive services to our clients, we have and use our own trucks for hauling during projects. Many times this can result in cost saving to the client as some smaller paving companies have to rent trucks for hauling, thus driving up the cost to the client.


Simmons Paving can remove whatever is on your current job site, whether is is trees, brush or old asphalt which is going to be replaced. We can dig it up and haul it away right in our own trucks. Our trucks can also be rented based on an availability basis.

Simmons Paving offers snow removal, salting and sanding services to our many clients. We have the right equipment for whatever amount of snow removal your parking lot requires. Keep your lot clear and safe for your employees in the rough New Enghland winters. We have large heavy equipment and trucking services to remove even the largest snow buildup.


We have both seasonal and per storm rates available. Call us today and reserve your location for the next winter storm season.